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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: [JENKINS] Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only - Build # 86708 - Failure!
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2014 15:32:58 GMT
Unfortunately, the test class did not "know" it failed, so it didnt
print its log of information about where exceptions occurred.

But here is the seed so its not lost:

   [junit4]   2> NOTE: reproduce with: ant test
-Dtests.seed=623CD77966D3A70E -Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ro_RO
-Dtests.timezone=America/Indiana/Vevay -Dtests.file.encoding=UTF-8
   [junit4] ERROR   7189s J0 |
TestIndexWriter.testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock <<<
   [junit4]    > Throwable #1: java.lang.Exception: Test abandoned
because suite timeout was reached.

On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 5:31 PM,  <> wrote:
> Build:
> 2 tests failed.
> Error Message:
> Suite timeout exceeded (>= 7200000 msec).
> Stack Trace:
> java.lang.Exception: Suite timeout exceeded (>= 7200000 msec).
>         at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
> REGRESSION:  org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriter.testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock
> Error Message:
> Test abandoned because suite timeout was reached.
> Stack Trace:
> java.lang.Exception: Test abandoned because suite timeout was reached.
>         at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
> Build Log:
> [...truncated 1574 lines...]
>    [junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriter
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: reproduce with: ant test  -Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter -Dtests.method=testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock
-Dtests.seed=623CD77966D3A70E -Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ro_RO -Dtests.timezone=America/Indiana/Vevay
>    [junit4] ERROR   7189s J0 | TestIndexWriter.testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock <<<
>    [junit4]    > Throwable #1: java.lang.Exception: Test abandoned because suite timeout
was reached.
>    [junit4]    >        at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: leaving temporary files on disk at: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only/checkout/lucene/build/core/test/J0/./temp/lucene.index.TestIndexWriter-623CD77966D3A70E-001
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: test params are: codec=Lucene41, sim=RandomSimilarityProvider(queryNorm=true,coord=crazy):
{e8=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), f93=DFR I(n)B2, a6=DFR GL1, d60=DFR GL2, b64=IB SPL-L2, b63=DFR I(ne)1,
f9=DFR GLZ(0.3), d78=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), f34=IB LL-D1, e87=IB SPL-D1, a69=DFR I(ne)3(800.0),
e66=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a31=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a63=IB SPL-D2, f47=DFR G1, d27=DFR I(F)2, b78=IB
LL-D1, d72=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), c56=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), a94=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
d66=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), f38=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), f78=DFR GLZ(0.3), c70=IB SPL-D3(800.0), c30=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b60=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), e12=IB LL-D2, b84=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f25=DFR
I(n)1, d62=IB LL-L3(800.0), b79=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), c43=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), field=DFR GL2,
e32=DFR I(ne)B2, a77=DFR I(F)2, d89=IB SPL-L1, e83=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), e27=DFR I(F)3(800.0),
e86=DFR GB1, b2=DFR I(ne)B2, f44=IB SPL-D2, f68=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c98=IB LL-D3(800.0), f56=DFR
I(F)B3(800.0), content1=DFR GL3(800.0), d37=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f37=IB LL-D2, b33=DFR G2, b41=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), b42=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), f11=IB LL-D2, d92=DFR I(ne)L2, e17=DefaultSimilarity,
f64=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e44=DFR I(F)2, a53=IB LL-D1, f57=DFR I(ne)B2, a91=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
f39=DFR G3(800.0), a9=IB LL-L1, b98=IB LL-DZ(0.3), d50=DFR I(n)L1, c88=DFR I(n)L1, f69=DFR
I(F)2, c86=DFR GBZ(0.3), c13=DFR I(F)B2, a87=IB SPL-L3(800.0), a50=DFR I(ne)B2, b7=IB LL-L2,
a56=IB LL-D2, d15=DFR I(ne)B2, d12=DFR I(F)B2, f13=DFR G3(800.0), e6=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a64=DFR
I(ne)1, a80=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), d26=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), str2=DFR GL1, c=DefaultSimilarity, b54=IB
LL-L2, d31=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a10=IB SPL-D3(800.0), d51=DFR I(n)B2, a66=DFR G1, b12=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
a39=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), b6=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), d28=IB SPL-D2, b35=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f88=DFR GB3(800.0),
d47=DFR I(n)2, e72=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), e46=DFR I(ne)1, b95=DFR I(F)B1, f83=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
b25=DFR GBZ(0.3), b52=IB LL-D1, e67=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f80=DFR I(F)1, c31=DFR I(n)L3(800.0),
a28=DFR I(n)L1, a36=IB SPL-D3(800.0), e64=DFR I(n)2, f28=DFR I(ne)B1, a48=DFR I(n)B1, f18=DFR
GL1, f8=DFR I(F)B1, d45=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b69=DFR I(n)1, c18=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c20=DFR I(n)L3(800.0),
a93=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), d86=DFR GL2, b90=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), c34=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), a8=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
a52=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), d56=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b30=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), b40=DFR I(F)L1, a70=DFR I(F)B1,
a73=DFR I(F)B2, d88=IB LL-L3(800.0), d46=DFR GB3(800.0), b87=DFR I(F)2, d75=DFR I(F)1, a14=IB
LL-L1, d42=DFR GZ(0.3), c60=DFR GBZ(0.3), f42=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f97=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
id=DFR I(n)2, c48=DFR GLZ(0.3), f15=DFR G2, c7=IB SPL-L2, a43=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), e10=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
e59=DFR I(ne)2, d96=DFR GL1, d34=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), b76=DFR I(ne)2, a67=DFR I(F)L1, a62=DFR
I(F)2, c79=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), a47=DFR I(ne)B1, e15=DFR I(ne)L2, a13=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), b20=DFR
I(ne)B1, c45=IB SPL-D1, e70=DFR I(ne)L1, c67=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), d71=IB LL-D3(800.0), c73=DFR
I(F)BZ(0.3), d39=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d59=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), d7=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), f33=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
c11=DFR GLZ(0.3), string=DFR I(n)1, a18=DFR I(n)B2, e2=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b97=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0),
d16=DFR I(ne)2, a30=IB LL-D2, d8=DFR I(ne)B2, c94=DFR G2, f72=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), a12=IB LL-D3(800.0),
d3=DFR GLZ(0.3), e91=DFR I(F)L2, e71=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), str=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e63=DFR GB3(800.0),
d63=IB SPL-L1, c19=IB LL-D1, c65=DFR I(ne)L1, a98=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e98=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
e53=DFR GLZ(0.3), b22=DFR GL3(800.0), c8=DFR G1, a32=DFR G3(800.0), d29=DFR I(ne)1, e69=DFR
I(ne)LZ(0.3), f63=DFR I(n)2, a29=IB LL-L3(800.0), e43=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f79=IB SPL-L3(800.0),
b70=DFR GLZ(0.3), f31=DFR I(ne)B2, b44=DFR I(F)3(800.0), d70=DFR GL1, b26=DFR GL2, a3=DFR
G2, d57=DFR GB3(800.0), e68=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), e9=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c15=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), d25=IB
SPL-LZ(0.3), d24=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), e28=DFR I(n)3(800.0), e58=DFR I(ne)B2, c50=DFR I(F)1, a0=DFR
I(ne)BZ(0.3), e76=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), c28=DFR I(F)2, d36=DFR GLZ(0.3), f92=DFR I(n)L1, d93=DFR
G2, c91=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a75=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), f49=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), a41=DFR
I(F)L1, b9=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), c75=DFR I(F)L2, f51=DFR I(F)B1, f32=DFR I(ne)2, e89=DFR I(F)B1,
e80=IB SPL-L1, d87=DFR I(n)L1, a82=DFR GB1, c14=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b65=DFR G1, tvtest=DFR GL3(800.0),
b10=DFR GL1, d22=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e96=DFR GZ(0.3), e13=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a54=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
c90=IB LL-D2, f27=DFR I(n)3(800.0), e81=DFR I(ne)L1, d65=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), a24=DFR GB2, f58=DFR
I(ne)2, a99=IB LL-DZ(0.3), c80=DFR I(n)3(800.0), f60=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), f71=DFR
I(n)LZ(0.3), d69=DFR GB1, e29=DFR I(ne)B1, b75=DFR I(ne)B2, d9=DFR I(ne)2, b57=DFR G3(800.0),
a27=DFR GL2, d18=IB LL-D1, f6=IB SPL-D1, c5=IB SPL-D2, e85=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a74=IB LL-LZ(0.3),
c89=IB LL-L3(800.0), myfield=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), c41=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), b66=DFR I(F)L1, d54=DFR
I(F)LZ(0.3), b39=IB LL-L1, e25=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), a42=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), c54=DFR
GZ(0.3), e38=IB LL-D2, b48=DFR GL3(800.0), f5=DFR GB1, f40=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), b61=DFR I(F)2,
b59=DFR G2, d61=DFR I(n)L1, d68=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), b29=IB SPL-L1, c23=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0),
e18=IB SPL-D3(800.0), d13=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d98=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), c96=IB SPL-D3(800.0), b73=IB
LL-LZ(0.3), a71=DFR GLZ(0.3), e36=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), b80=DFR GB3(800.0), a49=DFR GL3(800.0),
c97=DFR GL1, a=DFR I(ne)L2, d99=IB LL-L1, c17=DFR I(ne)2, b72=DFR I(F)B2, e51=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
b58=DFR I(ne)L2, e60=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), b50=DFR I(ne)2, d95=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f94=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
b15=DFR I(F)1, b8=IB LL-D2, f53=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f95=DFR GZ(0.3), e16=DFR G2, b4=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
c10=DFR I(F)B1, e39=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), c42=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e94=DFR I(n)B2, a90=DFR I(n)B2,
e22=DFR G1, d20=DFR GB3(800.0), f24=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), f81=DFR I(n)L2, c71=DFR GL1, c72=IB
LL-D3(800.0), a46=DFR I(n)3(800.0), f62=DFR GB3(800.0), b74=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), c25=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
e4=DFR I(n)2, d5=DFR I(F)B2, b36=DFR GL1, b92=DFR GB1, f85=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), f75=IB SPL-D1,
d19=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), f2=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), e48=DFR G1, c74=IB LL-L1, c77=DFR I(n)L2, foo=DFR
I(ne)L1, b89=DFR I(ne)1, b24=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), content4=DFR GB2, d2=DFR I(F)B1, e42=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
c82=DFR I(n)B1, f59=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c95=DefaultSimilarity, f21=DFR G1, e41=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
e47=IB SPL-L2, f98=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c0=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a55=IB LL-L2, f74=DFR GB1, a78=IB
SPL-D2, d1=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), b93=IB SPL-D1, c38=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f48=DFR I(F)L1, e61=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), a26=DFR GBZ(0.3), d17=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c35=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e73=DFR
I(n)L3(800.0), f14=DFR I(ne)L2, d76=DFR I(n)L2, d83=DFR GB2, a17=DFR I(n)L2, b56=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3),
d80=DFR I(ne)B1, e11=IB LL-L2, b14=DFR I(F)L2, d32=DFR GB1, a97=DFR I(n)2, b28=IB LL-L3(800.0),
c58=DFR GB3(800.0), d40=DFR I(n)B2, c2=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), a7=IB LL-D3(800.0), c63=IB LL-L3(800.0),
e75=DFR I(n)2, b62=IB SPL-D2, d79=DFR GZ(0.3), e21=IB SPL-L2, f86=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
c32=DFR GB3(800.0), d14=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), d30=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e33=DFR I(ne)2, f23=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000),
a81=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), f1=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), a95=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b0=IB LL-LZ(0.3), c99=DFR
I(F)BZ(0.3), b91=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a68=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), e3=DFR GB3(800.0), d6=IB
LL-LZ(0.3), c76=DFR I(F)1, binary=DFR I(n)B1, f84=DFR GZ(0.3), b46=DFR I(ne)B1, c37=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
d58=DFR I(n)2, f87=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), a35=DefaultSimilarity, b99=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), c81=DFR
I(ne)B1, d77=DFR I(n)B2, d94=DefaultSimilarity, a85=DFR I(F)B1, a21=DFR I(ne)B1, c78=DFR I(n)B2,
a45=DFR I(F)3(800.0), c3=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f4=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a19=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), f3=IB
SPL-DZ(0.3), a34=DFR G2, f66=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), a20=DFR I(n)3(800.0), c9=DFR I(F)L1, e54=IB
SPL-L3(800.0), f82=DFR I(n)B2, b32=DFR I(ne)L2, c61=DFR GL2, c93=DFR I(ne)L2, e88=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
b86=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c85=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), f96=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), c87=DFR GL2, a2=DFR I(ne)L2,
e74=DFR GB3(800.0), f91=DFR GL2, a25=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), e20=DFR I(ne)1, c39=DFR I(F)2, e84=IB
SPL-DZ(0.3), f65=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b23=DFR GB2, e31=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), b47=DFR I(n)B1, f89=DFR
I(n)2, a65=IB SPL-L2, e62=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c46=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), a1=DFR G3(800.0), d38=DFR
I(F)B2, c66=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), c83=DFR GL3(800.0), a83=IB SPL-D1, c26=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), b94=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
c59=DFR I(n)2, c64=IB SPL-L1, d41=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), a92=DFR GZ(0.3), a44=DFR I(n)1, d55=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b11=IB LL-D3(800.0), e14=DFR G3(800.0), a57=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), e78=DFR
I(n)BZ(0.3), a15=DFR I(F)L2, a58=DFR G3(800.0), d23=IB LL-DZ(0.3), d35=DFR I(F)B1, e19=DFR
GL1, a88=DFR I(F)B2, c21=DFR GB3(800.0), f41=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), e55=DFR I(F)B2, b53=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
f70=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), c6=DFR I(ne)1, b49=DFR GB2, f17=IB SPL-D3(800.0), a60=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
a96=DFR GB3(800.0), e5=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), f67=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), c92=DFR G3(800.0), c1=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
c47=DFR I(F)B1, b55=IB LL-D2, c84=DFR GB2, d90=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), d74=DFR I(F)L2, f30=DFR I(F)B3(800.0),
e35=IB LL-D1, b37=IB LL-D3(800.0), f61=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b45=DFR I(n)3(800.0), b51=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
a86=DFR GLZ(0.3), a72=IB SPL-L3(800.0), e7=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), b21=DFR I(n)B1, c4=DFR I(F)2,
f45=DFR I(ne)1, f26=DFR I(F)3(800.0), b96=DFR GLZ(0.3), d84=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), d21=DFR I(n)2,
a59=DFR I(ne)L2, e37=IB LL-L2, c51=DFR I(n)L2, b19=DFR GZ(0.3), b27=DFR I(n)L1, f73=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0),
c22=DFR I(n)2, e93=DFR I(n)L2, a61=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c57=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), d0=IB SPL-D1,
content=IB SPL-L1, d85=DFR GBZ(0.3), e99=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c68=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), c16=DFR I(ne)B2,
e34=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), a89=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b68=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), d91=DFR G3(800.0), f36=IB LL-L2,
f35=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), c44=DFR GB1, c24=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b81=DFR I(n)2, c69=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0),
b88=IB SPL-D2, b1=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), a11=DFR GL1, e40=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e95=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
body=DFR G2, a79=DFR I(ne)1, e56=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d48=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), f0=DFR I(ne)L1, d49=IB
LL-DZ(0.3), a51=DFR I(ne)2, b71=IB SPL-L3(800.0), b85=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), a84=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
d44=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b83=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b18=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), e52=DFR I(F)B1,
d11=IB SPL-L3(800.0), content5=DFR I(F)3(800.0), d64=DFR I(ne)L1, a16=DFR I(F)1, d43=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3),
b77=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), b17=DFR I(n)B2, e79=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), b16=DFR I(n)L2, d33=IB SPL-D1, a22=DFR
I(n)B1, a4=DefaultSimilarity, c49=IB SPL-L3(800.0), c27=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), b38=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
d10=DFR GLZ(0.3), b13=IB LL-L1, d82=DFR GL3(800.0), d81=DFR I(n)B1, e77=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e90=IB
LL-L1, f22=DFR I(F)L1, e30=IB LL-LZ(0.3), e50=IB SPL-D1, f55=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b5=IB LL-D1, f76=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
e24=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), a38=IB LL-D3(800.0), a5=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f19=IB LL-D3(800.0),
f29=DFR I(n)B1, c33=DFR I(n)2, c36=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f7=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), a37=DFR GL1, f52=DFR
GLZ(0.3), e26=DFR I(n)1, c53=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), c29=IB SPL-D2, e82=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), f12=DFR
I(ne)BZ(0.3), a76=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), b43=DFR I(n)1, f16=DefaultSimilarity, f43=DFR I(F)2, c52=DFR
I(n)B2, c62=DFR I(n)L1, d53=DFR GZ(0.3), b67=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), content3=DFR I(ne)B1,
d52=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), d67=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), f90=DFR GBZ(0.3), e0=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), b3=DFR I(ne)2,
e97=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), c12=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f10=IB LL-L2, a23=DFR GL3(800.0), f77=DFR I(F)B1,
e65=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e1=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), f54=DFR I(F)B2, e23=DFR I(F)L1, a33=DFR
I(ne)L2, =DFR I(n)Z(0.3), e57=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), e45=IB SPL-D2, b31=DFR G3(800.0), f20=IB
SPL-L2, f99=DFR GB3(800.0), d4=IB SPL-L3(800.0), a40=DFR G1, b34=DefaultSimilarity, f46=IB
SPL-L2, b82=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), d73=IB LL-L1, d97=IB LL-D3(800.0), e92=DFR I(F)1, e49=DFR
I(F)L1, c40=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), f50=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), c55=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3)}, locale=ro_RO,
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: Linux 3.2.0-26-generic amd64/Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_55 (64-bit)/cpus=8,threads=2,free=147409952,total=246939648
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: All tests run in this JVM: [Test2BDocs, TestSimilarity2, TestLucene41StoredFieldsFormat,
TestDateSort, TestAllFilesHaveChecksumFooter, Nested1, Nested2, Nested3, TestGroupFiltering,
TestMatchAllDocsQuery, TestLazyProxSkipping, TestTermVectors, TestLogMergePolicy, TestSortedSetSelector,
TestSameScoresWithThreads, Test2BPositions, TestIntBlockPool, TestSearchWithThreads, TestBackwardsCompatibility,
TestNRTReaderWithThreads, TestDocValuesIndexing, TestRegexpRandom2, TestAssertions, TestLucene40DocValuesFormat,
TestMaxTermFrequency, TestIndexWriter]
>    [junit4]   2> NOTE: reproduce with: ant test  -Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter -Dtests.seed=623CD77966D3A70E
-Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ro_RO -Dtests.timezone=America/Indiana/Vevay -Dtests.file.encoding=UTF-8
>    [junit4] ERROR   0.00s J0 | TestIndexWriter (suite) <<<
>    [junit4]    > Throwable #1: java.lang.Exception: Suite timeout exceeded (>=
7200000 msec).
>    [junit4]    >        at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
>    [junit4] Completed on J0 in 7222.71s, 35 tests, 2 errors <<< FAILURES!
> [...truncated 17 lines...]
> /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only/checkout/lucene/build.xml:49:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
> /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only/checkout/lucene/common-build.xml:1296:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
> /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only/checkout/lucene/common-build.xml:920:
There were test failures: 393 suites, 3032 tests, 1 suite-level error, 1 error, 84 ignored
(74 assumptions)
> Total time: 127 minutes 31 seconds
> Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure
> Archiving artifacts
> Recording test results
> Email was triggered for: Failure
> Sending email for trigger: Failure
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