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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move trunk to Java 8
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 18:32:19 GMT
On 9/12/2014 9:41 AM, Ryan Ernst wrote:
> It has been 6 months since Java 8 was released.  It has proven to be
> both stable (no issues like with the initial release of java 7) and
> faster.  And there are a ton of features that would make our lives as
> developers easier (and that can improve the quality of Lucene 5 when
> it is eventually released).
> We should stay ahead of the curve, and move trunk to Java 8.

I don't want to stand in the way, so this is not a negative vote.  My
only concern is causing a large amount of divergence between trunk and
the stable branch, which makes it difficult to backport.

I'm completely unfamiliar with what Java 8 brings to the table.  I'll
also confess that I'm still fairly clueless about what Java 7 gives us
that's not in Java 6 ... although I think I finally do understand what
"try-with-resources" actually means.

If switching to Java 8 is the first step on the road towards a 5.0
release, then I'm all in favor ... although we really need to figure out
how we'll achieve a running Solr, now that we don't make a .war.


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