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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move trunk to Java 8
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:31:34 GMT

: That is bogus for an open source project. I won't have such updates,
: how can i support such a java version, users that run into trouble?
: And this does happen often.
: I don't think i should have to pay money and become a paying customer
: to Oracle to support lucene.

I didn't say you should.  I in fact said almost the exact opposite: that 
we shouldn't let commercial versions of the JDK have any bearing on our 

1) Benson made a reasonable statement that "There are many large 
organizations of the sort that use Lucene & Solr that will not be moving 
to 8 for years yet"

2) you said: "I don't buy "for years yet"." ... impling that such 
organizations will *have* to upgrade before then because there won't be 
*free* releases of java.

3) I tried to point out 2 things:

a) we shouldn't let the EOL cycle of *one* commercial vendor have any 
bearing on our policy of support -- particularly since the refrence 
implementation is an open source source project.

b) that your argument against benson's claims seemed missleading: just 
because Oracle is EOLing doesn't mean people won't be using OpenJDK; even 
if they are using Oracle's JDK, if they are large comercial organizations 
they might pay oracle to keep using it for a long time.


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