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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject New deployment processd on trunk
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2014 19:10:40 GMT
Hey, this is really cool! Of course it means I have to learn new ways
of doing things ;).

Anyway, are we collecting a list of things that we notice? What I'm seeing:

Running with an external ZooKeeper and starting the script like this:

bin/solr -z localhost:2181

*************First significant thing:
I like to have different ports than the defaults, I just find it
easier to keep track if I put node2 on 7200, node3 on 7300 and so-on.
But when I specify different ports than the default, the node is never
thought as up. I get a message.

" /Users/Erick/apache/trunk_6670/solr/node2/logs/solr.log: No such
file or directory".
The logs directory only has these two files in it:

solr-7200-console.log solr_gc.log

but when using the default port I see:

solr-7574-console.log solr.log solr_gc.log

*****************Second significant thing:
If I create a collection "eoe" with 4 nodes, 3 shards and 3 replicas,
it fails with:

CREATEing SolrCore 'eoe_shard3_replica3': Unable to create core
[eoe_shard3_replica3] Caused by: Could not find configName for
collection eoe found:[basic_configs,

The URL sent is:

It works through the browser if I change "configSet" to "collection.configName"

*********************Very minor nit
this prompt has a \n character:

Please choose a configuration for the eoe collection, available
options are:\nbasic_configs,....

Anyway, where are we tracking this kind of thing? This is a fresh
checkout as of this morning (Saturday, 1-Nov)


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