Why not shade it on yourself depending on your project needs? You can do this in your own project easily, as a separate build step (e.g. Ant or maybe also in Maven using a separate sub-project which your main project depends on).

The ASM issue is well-known, the forbidden-apis checker shades 5.0.2.





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From: Rob Audenaerde [mailto:rob.audenaerde@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 10:11 AM
To: dev@lucene.apache.org
Subject: lucene expressions - asm dependency


Hi all,

I'm using lucene-expressions in a project, and it has a dependency on asm 4.1. I also use some components that depend on cglib 2.2.2, that depeneds on asm 3.1. Besides, asm 5.0.2 is out since April 2014

No ideal situation.

Would it be possible to shade / repackage asm for lucene-expressions? In that case there will be no class conflicts when using lucene in a project where another asm is also used?