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From Timothy Potter <>
Subject SOLR-7240, java -jar start.jar, and 5.1
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:03:29 GMT
SOLR-7240 broke the ability to start Solr using: java -jar start.jar

To me, that doesn't matter as I always use bin/solr, however this
means ant run-example is broken as-is since it relies on java -jar

Hossman is on vacation, but here's his response to my marking that as
a blocker for 5.1:

As of solr5 we very clearly document that the only supported way to
run solr is bin/solr - we may not have ever explicitly said start.jar
was no longer supported, but we shouldn't have ever needed to because
it was never officially supported either - it was just an *example* of
how to run solr in jetty.

If we're going to hold back on stuff like this now, I don't see how
were ever going to leave ourselves enough room to gradually replace
the internals like we've talked about for a while, unless we commit to
rolling our own start.jar

I won't stand in the way if people think this is important, but I give
up on trying to move past "solr is just a web app" if we worry about
stuff like this.

Mak has proposed the following solution for 5.1:

We have 2 paths going forward:

1) Stick with the committed solution and accept that java -jar
start.jar no longer works; we'll have to fix ant run-example somehow.

2) Apply Mak's fix for 5.1

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