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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: SOLR-7240, java -jar start.jar, and 5.1
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:13:23 GMT
Hmmm, can we apply Mak's fix for 5.1 to give us some breathing space
to get the release out? My suspeicion is that it'll take some time to
get all the docs changed if we don't ship with a working start.jar....

Although as usual if I'm not doing the work I'm not sure I have much to say...


On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 9:03 AM, Timothy Potter <> wrote:
> SOLR-7240 broke the ability to start Solr using: java -jar start.jar
> To me, that doesn't matter as I always use bin/solr, however this
> means ant run-example is broken as-is since it relies on java -jar
> start.jar.
> Hossman is on vacation, but here's his response to my marking that as
> a blocker for 5.1:
> As of solr5 we very clearly document that the only supported way to
> run solr is bin/solr - we may not have ever explicitly said start.jar
> was no longer supported, but we shouldn't have ever needed to because
> it was never officially supported either - it was just an *example* of
> how to run solr in jetty.
> If we're going to hold back on stuff like this now, I don't see how
> were ever going to leave ourselves enough room to gradually replace
> the internals like we've talked about for a while, unless we commit to
> rolling our own start.jar
> I won't stand in the way if people think this is important, but I give
> up on trying to move past "solr is just a web app" if we worry about
> stuff like this.
> <<<
> Mak has proposed the following solution for 5.1:
> We have 2 paths going forward:
> 1) Stick with the committed solution and accept that java -jar
> start.jar no longer works; we'll have to fix ant run-example somehow.
> 2) Apply Mak's fix for 5.1
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