Thanks, Jan. 

Regarding the word breaks, it's not ideal but Steve Rowe & I spent a lot of time trying to only allow it in specific situations with little success. If you want to give it a go, we'd be happy to have the improvement.

If you don't have a chance to fix the other typos and issues you mention, can you add them to the TODO list or as comments on the pages so we don't forget to fix them whenever someone has time?


On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 6:26 AM, Jan Høydahl <> wrote:

* The line wrapping for linked and monospaced text breaks mid-word e.g. p6 “Ta-king”. Realize that it is desired for loooong http links etc, but can we do better?
* Long CODE blocks starts on one page with only blank lines and continues on the next. Would be better with white space than the grey background.
* The refGuide should not link to (which now redirects to (p225,263,264,266,440). We could instead refer to for more info
* Some places “Windows” is written with lowercase “w”

* P5: In the “Got Java” chapter, should we start recommending (not requiring) Java8 and update -version command print to the same (since 7 is not supported)?
* P222, 4th paragraph in "Overview of Searching in Solr": "The default query parser is the DisMax query parser.”. This is wrong, the default query parser is “lucene”!
* P222: 3rd paragraph from bottom: "Search parameters may also specify a query filter.” - The common terminology is “filter query”, not “query filter"
* P223: Is the CNET screen shot property attributed? Should probably be "© CBS Interactive Inc." Also it is old, they have a completely new layout..
* P282: The example for pivot+range uses localparam {!query=q1} from previous example, but correct is {!range=r1}
* P386: Reformat the code block with new line wrappings for readability
* P411: Font size of some of the URProcessor links are 11 instead of 10 :)
* P577: The “Errata” url link links to itself instead of opening a browser to cwiki

-0 to release as is

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Please VOTE to release the following as apache-solr-ref-guide-5.3.pdf

$cat apache-solr-ref-guide-5.3.pdf.sha1 

1255cba4413023e30aff345d30bce33846189975  apache-solr-ref-guide-5.3.pdf

Here's my +1.