Ugh, I think that's a merge error on my part.  You should be fine to nuke the lucene/core version.

Alan Woodward

On 1 Oct 2015, at 01:06, Shawn Heisey wrote:

In branch_5x, the file exists in two places.  I
only noticed this because of an error in eclipse.  The two files look
identical.  This doesn't seem to cause any actual problems with the
build, just the IDE error.

One copyishere:


The other is here:


It appears that trunk doesn't have this problem, and only the copy in
test-framework exists.

Here is a patch that removes the extra copy in 5.x:

I can open an issue and remove the extra file, if everyone thinks that's
a good idea.  The core tests passed with this patch applied, but the
benchmark tests failed with an access denied problem that seems
completely unrelated.  I will pound on it some more to be sure I don't
see any problems.


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