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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Apache Lucene/Solr GIT migration, requesting infra help
Date Sat, 23 Jan 2016 02:02:52 GMT
Hello Daniel,

I've prepared everything for the migration and I hand it off to you (I
will be available in the morning, if you need assistance). I can also
log on to hipchat, but send me an e-mail if you wish me to.

Here are the steps we kindly ask you to perform (I allowed myself to
uppercase certain things, apologies if it looks like shouting):

1) Permanently REMOVE the following git mirrors of SVN (reason: they
are obsolete and incorrect syncs, consolidated git repo contains full


2) Notify (somehow) GitHub that these two repos have been removed
(they should not be available or visible on GitHub as well):

3) DISABLE svn syncing for the following git mirror:


and then REPLACE it (wipe it clean) with the content of the following
consolidated repository:

I don't know how it looks from the backend's side, but this should
also work, if there are sufficient permissions:

git clone
git remote add apache git://
git push --mirror apache

4) I don't know if we need to make GitHub aware of the replaced
content of the lucene-solr repo or if their syncing will handle this
automatically. It would be nice if they could catch up as quickly as

In case of questions, problems or a successful import, please drop me
an e-mail. Oh, thank you for being so nice and helping us on your day
off -- much appreciated.


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