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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 22:51:11 GMT

in any case, you have to cherry-pick the series of commits from branch_5x which were added
to setup the new GIT repo to fix the build. Namely these are commits with "LUCENE-6938" in
the name (very simple indeed).

I can do that in a minute, ok?

Here are the commits:

Revision: 424a647af4d093915108221bcd4390989303b426
Author: Uwe Schindler <>
Date: 26.01.2016 22:06:35
LUCENE-6995, LUCENE-6938: Add branch change trigger to common-build.xml to keep sane build
on GIT branch change

Modified: lucene/common-build.xml

Revision: 9d35aafc565a880c5cae7c21fa6c10fbdd0399ec
Author: Uwe Schindler <>
Date: 24.01.2016 22:05:38
LUCENE-6938: Add WC checks back, now based on JGit

Modified: build.xml

Revision: b18d2b333035245cd9edac55d4ca5e6b5b0759e6
Author: Uwe Schindler <>
Date: 24.01.2016 00:03:25
LUCENE-6938: Improve output of Git Hash if no GIT available or no GIT checkout (this restores
previous behaviour)

Modified: lucene/common-build.xml

Revision: 7f41c65ae994d3962de6a2abf4e82e54e4b80502
Author: Steve Rowe <>
Date: 23.01.2016 22:29:28
LUCENE-6938: Maven build: Switch SCM descriptors from svn to git; buildnumber-maven-plugin's
buildNumberPropertyName property (used in Maven-built artifact manifests) renamed from svn.revision
to checkoutid; removed Subversion-specific stuff from README.maven

Modified: dev-tools/maven/README.maven
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/common/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/icu/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/kuromoji/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/morfologik/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/phonetic/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/smartcn/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/stempel/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/uima/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/backward-codecs/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/benchmark/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/classification/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/codecs/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/core/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/demo/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/facet/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/grouping/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/highlighter/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/join/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/memory/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/misc/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/queries/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/queryparser/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/replicator/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/sandbox/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/suggest/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/test-framework/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/analysis-extras/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/analytics/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/clustering/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/dataimporthandler-extras/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/extraction/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/langid/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/map-reduce/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/morphlines-cell/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/morphlines-core/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/uima/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/velocity/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/core/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/solrj/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/test-framework/pom.xml.template

Revision: f67f5adfe70e5003b5078345c9dac92dd46d9d3c
Author: Uwe Schindler <>
Date: 23.01.2016 14:09:49
LUCENE-6938: fix typo, sorry

Modified: lucene/build.xml

Revision: 9f0e2cc83f6e319142a3cc343ea421ab34040d65
Author: Uwe Schindler <>
Date: 23.01.2016 13:47:14
LUCENE-6938: Fix Lucene's src.tgz file; remove svnkit stuff

Modified: build.xml
Modified: lucene/build.xml
Modified: solr/build.xml

Revision: 55005f0a7dc46aef23cd46bb56d8693666f6a1b0
Author: Dawid Weiss <>
Date: 23.01.2016 02:46:55
LUCENE-6938: Convert build to work with Git rather than SVN. (Mark Miller

via Dawid Weiss).
Modified: .gitignore
Modified: lucene/build.xml
Modified: lucene/common-build.xml
Modified: solr/build.xml


Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael McCandless []
> Sent: Monday, February 08, 2016 10:19 PM
> To: Lucene/Solr dev <>
> Subject: Re: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?
> Let's just name it branch_5_4 at the top level?  (Branching off of the
> lucene_solr_5_4 tag in git).
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Shawn Heisey <>
> wrote:
> > Do we think a 5.4.2 release is likely? I would think that this is NOT
> > likely, because I think it would require massive amounts of backporting
> > to make it work right with git.
> I think if a bug is important enough, we can do a 5.4.2?
> > As I understand it, we are backporting
> > all the git-related work to branch_5x for a 5.5 release and pushing
> > towards a 6.0 release, with these two efforts proceeding more or less
> > simultaneously.  If my understanding is wrong, someone please correct
> me.
> That's correct ... I plan to cut a 5.5 branch probably tomorrow or Wed
> to get the process started ... then try to debug the release process
> with git :)
> But if Nick wants to do a 5.4.2, if the bug is bad enough, that should
> be fine too?
> Mike McCandless
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