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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 23:15:45 GMT
Thanks, I had done the same a minute ago. Results look identical: 7 commits


If we need to further fix the release script / smoker, we should ALWAYS mention “LUCENE-6938”
in the commit messages, so we can easily backport the changes to other branches (if needed).
Smoker should work as usual if you use commit hash instead of revision number.


Maybe once the release has proven to work, we should attach the complete DIFF to the issue.






Uwe Schindler

H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen




From: Nicholas Knize [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 12:07 AM
To: Lucene/Solr dev <>
Subject: Re: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?


Hi Uwe, I had already created and pushed branch_5_4. I've got those 7 commits cherry-picked
and ready for push if you want to review?


On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 4:51 PM, Uwe Schindler < <>>


in any case, you have to cherry-pick the series of commits from branch_5x which were added
to setup the new GIT repo to fix the build. Namely these are commits with "LUCENE-6938" in
the name (very simple indeed).

I can do that in a minute, ok?

Here are the commits:

Revision: 424a647af4d093915108221bcd4390989303b426
Author: Uwe Schindler < <>>
Date: 26.01.2016 22:06:35
LUCENE-6995, LUCENE-6938: Add branch change trigger to common-build.xml to keep sane build
on GIT branch change

Modified: lucene/common-build.xml

Revision: 9d35aafc565a880c5cae7c21fa6c10fbdd0399ec
Author: Uwe Schindler < <>>
Date: 24.01.2016 22:05:38
LUCENE-6938: Add WC checks back, now based on JGit

Modified: build.xml

Revision: b18d2b333035245cd9edac55d4ca5e6b5b0759e6
Author: Uwe Schindler < <>>
Date: 24.01.2016 00:03:25
LUCENE-6938: Improve output of Git Hash if no GIT available or no GIT checkout (this restores
previous behaviour)

Modified: lucene/common-build.xml

Revision: 7f41c65ae994d3962de6a2abf4e82e54e4b80502
Author: Steve Rowe < <>>
Date: 23.01.2016 22:29:28
LUCENE-6938: Maven build: Switch SCM descriptors from svn to git; buildnumber-maven-plugin's
buildNumberPropertyName property (used in Maven-built artifact manifests) renamed from svn.revision
to checkoutid; removed Subversion-specific stuff from README.maven

Modified: dev-tools/maven/README.maven
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/common/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/icu/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/kuromoji/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/morfologik/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/phonetic/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/smartcn/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/stempel/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/analysis/uima/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/backward-codecs/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/benchmark/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/classification/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/codecs/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/core/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/demo/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/facet/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/grouping/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/highlighter/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/join/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/memory/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/misc/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/queries/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/queryparser/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/replicator/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/sandbox/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/suggest/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/lucene/test-framework/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/analysis-extras/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/analytics/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/clustering/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/dataimporthandler-extras/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/extraction/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/langid/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/map-reduce/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/morphlines-cell/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/morphlines-core/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/uima/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/contrib/velocity/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/core/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/solrj/src/java/pom.xml.template
Modified: dev-tools/maven/solr/test-framework/pom.xml.template

Revision: f67f5adfe70e5003b5078345c9dac92dd46d9d3c
Author: Uwe Schindler < <>>
Date: 23.01.2016 14:09:49
LUCENE-6938: fix typo, sorry

Modified: lucene/build.xml

Revision: 9f0e2cc83f6e319142a3cc343ea421ab34040d65
Author: Uwe Schindler < <>>
Date: 23.01.2016 13:47:14
LUCENE-6938: Fix Lucene's src.tgz file; remove svnkit stuff

Modified: build.xml
Modified: lucene/build.xml
Modified: solr/build.xml

Revision: 55005f0a7dc46aef23cd46bb56d8693666f6a1b0
Author: Dawid Weiss < <>>
Date: 23.01.2016 02:46:55
LUCENE-6938: Convert build to work with Git rather than SVN. (Mark Miller

via Dawid Weiss).
Modified: .gitignore
Modified: lucene/build.xml
Modified: lucene/common-build.xml
Modified: solr/build.xml


Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen
eMail:  <>

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael McCandless [mailto: <>]
> Sent: Monday, February 08, 2016 10:19 PM
> To: Lucene/Solr dev < <>>
> Subject: Re: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?
> Let's just name it branch_5_4 at the top level?  (Branching off of the
> lucene_solr_5_4 tag in git).
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Shawn Heisey < <>>
> wrote:
> > Do we think a 5.4.2 release is likely? I would think that this is NOT
> > likely, because I think it would require massive amounts of backporting
> > to make it work right with git.
> I think if a bug is important enough, we can do a 5.4.2?
> > As I understand it, we are backporting
> > all the git-related work to branch_5x for a 5.5 release and pushing
> > towards a 6.0 release, with these two efforts proceeding more or less
> > simultaneously.  If my understanding is wrong, someone please correct
> me.
> That's correct ... I plan to cut a 5.5 branch probably tomorrow or Wed
> to get the process started ... then try to debug the release process
> with git :)
> But if Nick wants to do a 5.4.2, if the bug is bad enough, that should
> be fine too?
> Mike McCandless
>  <>
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