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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: 5.4.2 Bug Fix Branch?
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 21:38:19 GMT
On 2/8/2016 1:41 PM, Nicholas Knize wrote:
> > I would think that this is NOT likely, because I think it would require
> massive amounts of backporting to make it work right with git.
> If there will not be a 5.4.2 release then my new, related, questions:
> how will bug fix branches work for 5.5? I assume 1. create
> 'branch_5_5' from 'branch_5_x' and 2. create a releases tag that
> "points" to the "first commit" of branch_5_5? If that's the case
> wouldn't a 5.4.2 bug fix branch still be doable? I'm not a git expert,
> but it seems like its just a unique situation where a branch_5_4 is
> created from the releases/lucene-solr/5.4.1 tag. Aside from, maybe,
> bad git practice what are the dangers (for this one case) from
> branching from the tag instead of the 5_x branch?

If we follow previous convention, then this is how everything will play out:

I expect that a branch named something like lucene_solr_5_5 will be
created from branch_5x as an early step in the 5.5 release process.  I'm
not going to speculate about the final branch name.  Some of the details
of our release process are likely to change with the git transition.

When the 5.5.0 release is finalized and announced, a lucene_solr_5_5_0
tag (again, no speculation about the final name) will be created.  Any
work towards a 5.5.1 release will happen in the 5_5 branch mentioned in
the previous paragraph.

When branch_6x is created, we will eliminate branch_5x, with any further
5.x maintenance happening on the 5_5 branch.

I noticed that branch_3x and branch_4x are "back" in git.  They were
deleted long ago in svn.  Some cleanup might be in order.


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