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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: git email format customizability: add branch to subject?
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2016 21:09:51 GMT

: +1 for keeping the repo name but perhaps we could drop the "git: " prefix?
: Without the prefix the subject would still be fairly distinguishable 
: from the "svn commit" emails such as "svn commit: r1731559 - 
: /lucene/cms/trunk/content/extpaths.txt" (assuming the svn commit emails 
: keep their existing format).

My concern was that w/o "git" explicitly in the subject somewhere, it 
would be hard to setup simple filter rules for some folks since
"lucene-solr" can appear in other subjects ... but i suppose the fact that 
we have an explicit commits@lucene list for these emails makes that 
concern moot since that can be part of whatever filter rule folks might 

Anybody else feel strongly about leaving "git:" in the subject?

: Looks good to me. I'd keep the repo name regardless of whether it's
: the main repo or not.

I agree -- i know a lot of people who work on multiple projects but filter 
all "commit" related emails to a single folder, nd being able to tell at a 
glance which projust a message refers to is useful (let alone if/when we 
add future git repos)

Any other concerns/opinions before i mover forward with contacting infra?

One other thing i recently realized is that tag creation notification 
emails don't seem to follow the current pattern at all, note this email...

Subject: [lucene-solr] Git Push Summary

...I'll ask infra about getting those to conform to the same 
subject pattern. 


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