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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Speculating about the removal of the standalone Solr mode
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 17:34:22 GMT
I've been thinking about the fact that standalone and cloud modes in
Solr are very different.

The writing on the wall suggests that Solr will eventually (probably 7.0
minimum) eliminate the standalone mode and always operate with
zookeeper.  A "standalone" node would in fact be a single-node cloud
running the embedded zookeeper.

Once zk-as-truth becomes a reality, I can see a few advantages to always
running in cloud mode.  The documentation can include one way to
accomplish basic tasks.  The CoreAdmin API can be eliminated, and any
required functionality fully merged into the Collections API. 
CloudSolrClient will work for all installations.  A script that works
for cloud mode will also work for standalone mode, because that's just a
smaller cloud.

I was planning to open an issue to discuss and implement this.  If
that's not a good idea, please let me know.

None of my main Solr installations are running in cloud mode, so the
removal of standalone mode will be an inconvenience for me, but I still
think it's the right thing to do in the long term.


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