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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Git Policy/Preference: how to fold in feature branches? squash?
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 00:01:54 GMT

SOLR-445 is fairly well done, and i'm ready to land it on master (and 
eventually branch_6x)

My impression is that the sanest way to do that is...

# on master ...
git merge --squash jira/SOLR-445
emacs CHANGES.txt                 # to add CHANGES entry
git commit -m "Merging branch jira/SOLR-445 to master"

# now master has a single commit #DEADBEEF for all SOLR-445 related 
# work. but the full history of decisions made is still in branch 
# jira/SOLR-445

# later, once things have baked on master for a bit.
# on branch_6x ...
git cherry-pick DEADBEEF

...because, unless i'm missing something, if i don't use --squash then 
every intermediate commit to branch jira/SOLR-445 will be replayed on 
master, and that doesn't really seem neccessary/helpful to most people.

Or am i missing something?

is a regular "git merge --no-squash" prefered for some reason i'm 


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