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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Git Policy/Preference: how to fold in feature branches? squash?
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 17:17:06 GMT

: > It may only create a single commit, but from the perspective of people
: > viewing master, it "adds" every commit that was on the jira/SOLR-445
: > branch to the master branch -- generating an metric ass-ton of
: > emails among other things, but more importantly it pollutes history
: > with a lot of intermediate crap

: It doesn't pollute history, it *is* history. If you want to only view the
: history of the "main line" of development (ie each merge is just the single
: merge commit), then use --first-parent in your log command.

Hmm... but that's only a git-log feature correct?  for things like "git 
bisect" all those intermediate commits that don't pass tests/precommit are 
still considered commits on the master line.

Ultimately that seems like history that should *not* be on the master 
branch .. preserved, sure -- great even that it's in git and easily 
browsable/comparable (unlike reivewing the evolution of patch files 
attached to jira) but i don't see how every tiny commit made to the 
feature branch over several months as designs evolved/changed and files 
were added/removed is relevant to the master branch.


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