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From Alan Bateman <>
Subject Re: Java 9 build 118 is hiding some documented & public classes from unnamed module
Date Mon, 16 May 2016 18:59:36 GMT

On 16/05/2016 16:19, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> Thanks Alan,
> so this means we should better remove the references to the mentioned class from the
Apache Solr code if not needed (I don't think we need the Java EE features here, it might
be an oversight). I just wonder why Javac succeeded in our case to build. I have to dig.
> For now I added "-addmods" to our build server's testing Java configuration,
to be able to test build 118.

> Is it planned to have those classes disabled for pre-Java-9 apps by default in Java 9?
Would't it be better for standard unnamed classpath apps to "fall back" in a backwards compatible
Once JEP 261 is update then I hope the rational will be clearer. It's 
not really a problem to resolve java.xml.bind and java.activation by 
default, the others are problems though.

> In addition, the Javadocs don't say anything about which modules are visible by default.
I think this should be added, too.
I think TBD, partly because this is really JDK policy.


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