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From Anshum Gupta <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Lucene/Solr release management
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2016 15:58:17 GMT
Thanks for starting this Steve!

I think your intention here to create a parallel documentation is because
the current documentation is (or at least was) broken at multiple places
and unless someone knew where to look/fix, the path forward isn't obvious.
I'm +1 on that.

I really think we need more automation and if not complete automation, on
the lines of what Hoss suggested, have the release scripts spit out the
commands to be executed without the RM needing to remember all of it. The
RM should _ideally_ only be bothered about the release version and timing
of the release. Having a bunch of manual steps there doesn't really help
anyone. I agree that the script shouldn't automatically push stuff but a
local commit should work just fine.

In terms of documenting, I liked the idea that you and me discussed during
the 5.5.1 release about having the essentials in a doc (wiki or whatever)
but having details documented in the script itself.

On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 7:51 AM, Steve Rowe <> wrote:

> Now that the 6.0.1 release is out the door, I'm thinking of ways to
> improve/simplify the release process.
> After many incremental automation improvements (thanks to all past RMs
> who’ve worked on them!), the process is still lengthy, cumbersome, and
> error prone.
> The documentation <>
> attempts to balance completeness with brevity, and fails in both
> directions, i.e. it's a (hopefully useful) compromise.
> I was thinking of an alternative documentation/form/to-do list thingy that
> could provide not just examples, but exact command lines to run.  Such a
> sort of filled-out template thing (is it a “notebook”? not sure what to
> call it) could provide a running reminder of where the RM is in the process
> (e.g. checkboxes for items), along with space for notes for each item, and
> could be scriptable, to fill out command lines with RC numbers and git
> commit hashes, and to select the appropriate task branches (e.g. for
> major/minor/bugfix releases).
> Does this sound to other past RMs like it would help?
> If so, does anybody know of an existing solution that would work?  Or of
> other projects that attempt something similar?
> I was thinking a spreadsheet would come pretty close, but not everybody
> uses the same spreadsheet software, so sharing/maintenance would be a
> problem.  But maybe Google’s spreadsheet software (Sheets) would work?
> --
> Steve
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Anshum Gupta

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