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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] JIRA maintenance and response times
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2016 20:23:50 GMT
> 29. sep. 2016 kl. 19.35 skrev Cassandra Targett <>:
> I fear a 7-day respond-or-close policy would frustrate people more.
> Users would see their issues now closed instead of just ignored, and
> if it gets a +1 from someone to stay open, it can still sit for the
> next 5 years the same way as today. We need to take that idea a step
> further.

My 7-day comment was not a proposal to auto-close, but as some kind
of internal goal of the community.

> What would I suggest instead? Not sure. One very small suggestion is
> to add to Stefan's idea and send out a weekly mail about age of issues
> - # of issues over 6 months, % increase/decrease, # of bugs with no
> action in X days, # of improvements with patches that have no action
> in X days.

Yes! A bigger ambition is to write a Python script that monitors and
enforces our agreed-upon rules and thresholds. If INFRA will give us
a user with API access for our projects we have ability to script just about anything.

In addition to generating a weekly mail report, the script 
could also perform various actions proactively and automatically

See sample state diagram: (

The diagram suggests a custom automatic state transition by the script.
Issues older than 6m with no comments in 30d will receive a comment
“Issue seems to be inactive, will auto-close in 30d unless new activity.
If you want to close for now but be reminded in 12months, please close
manually with resolution=Later”.
The script will then tag the issue with a custom label “warn_close” which
it can use to decide whether to actually close after another 30d or not.
Likewise, we can monitor certain conditions such as new issues without
comments, issues with patch that may require committer attention etc.
Those issues being closed as “Later” will also be nagged every 12months
by the script, probably triggering either re-open or final close.

> Another idea is to have some kind of "parked" state in JIRA - like,
> not Closed but not Open either. I'm not convinced that won't add to
> the noise, but it might at least give us a better sense for ideas we
> just haven't gotten to and issues we haven't really looked at yet.

We already have the “Later” resolution (6 <>
issues in Solr, 14 <>
in Lucene).

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