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From Alan Woodward <>
Subject Announcing Marple, an index-structure visualiser for Apache Lucene
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:43:52 GMT
Hi all,

At the London and Boston hackdays a couple of months back, I started to work on an upgrade/replacement
for Luke.  My idea was to have something that would provide a read-only view of an index,
which would be useful both for inspection and debugging of indexes, and as a training tool.
 I also wanted it to display via a browser, so that it could be used on remote servers, and
to use only Apache-licensed components, with a view to eventually contributing it back to
the lucene core project.

My colleague Tom Mortimer and I have been working on this on-and-off for a few weeks now,
and it’s in a sort of nearly-ready state - I’ve already found it useful on a couple of
client projects - so I thought the list would be interested in trying it out.  It’s by no
means finished, and there are quite a few rough edges and probably some exciting bugs.  But
please feel free to poke around and open issues (and submit pull requests!).

The application divides up into two parts: a dropwizard-based webapp that exposes the various
parts of the index (fields, terms, postings, points, docvalues, documents, etc) as json; and
a React-based UI that makes this navigable.  The first part is nearly feature-complete, although
there are a few missing bits (I haven’t done anything with termvectors yet, for example,
or index statistics).  The UI is still missing panels for postings lists and for points, but
everything else is mostly there.

The repository is here: <>

Please download it, play around with it, and let me know what you think!

Thanks to Steve Rowe, Shinichiro Abe and Eric Pugh for some early contributions, and to Andrzej
Białecki for convincing me that it wasn’t a dumb idea.

Alan Woodward <>

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