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From Đạt Cao Mạnh <>
Subject Re: Write buffering updates to temporary files?
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2016 14:59:24 GMT
Do you think we should raise an issue for this problem?

On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 12:58 PM David Smiley <>

> I agree that using a single tlog for 2 purposes is confusing.  Perhaps a
> separate tlog purely for buffering purposes during recovery/peer-sync etc.
> be clearer?  You said "another separate file" but I imagine we can use our
> tlog code but another instance pointed to another directory.
> FWIW I actually question if buffering should happen at all due to the
> complexity it brings (e.g. SOLR-8030) vs blocking then failing if blocked
> for too long... but I guess that ship has sailed.
> On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 5:52 PM Đạt Cao Mạnh <>
> wrote:
> Currently, we write buffering logs to current tlog and not apply that
> updates to index. Then we rely on replay log to apply that updates to
> index. But at the same time there are some updates also write to current
> tlog and applied to the index.
> For example, during peersync, if new updates come to replica we will end
> up with this tlog
> tlog : old1, new1, new2, old2, new3, old3
> old updates belong to peersync, and these updates are applied to the index.
> new updates belong to buffering updates, and these updates are not applied
> to the index.
> But writing all the updates to same current tlog make code base very
> complex. Should we write buffering updates to another temporary file?
> By doing this, it will help our code base simpler. It also makes replica
> recovery for SOLR-9835 more easier. Because after peersync success we can
> copy new updates from temporary file to current tlog, for example
> tlog : old1, old2, old3
> temporary tlog : new1, new2, new3
> -->
> tlog : old1, old2, old3, new1, new2, new3
> Note that in  SOLR-9835 we can not rely on fingerprint for peersync
> because updates are not applied to replicas.
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