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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: UnifiedHighlighter and extraction of exact hit offset ranges
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2017 20:53:54 GMT
> I'm guessing what you're seeing is from browsing the 6.3 code. The
> extensibility has been improved and committed for 6.4; see CHANGES.txt and
> LUCENE-7559 which did it.  In particular, all Passage methods are now
> public.

Ah, surely I am!... Sorry about that -- I've been updating/ modifying
code that has to rely on a published Lucene version and didn't even
think to look at the master branch. I should have, sorry!

> I agree that OffsetsEnum methods should be public so that someone could
> override FieldHighlighter#highlightOffsetsEnums usefully. This is an
> oversight; good catch!  We should further enhance
> TestUnifiedHighlighterExtensibility to help us check for this.  I'll file an
> issue.  Come to think of it... one could argue LUCENE-7559 isn't really done
> as it's scope should have included OffsetsEnums methods.

It hasn't been published yet (LUCENE-7559) so sure, I'd reopen it and
fix it as part of that issue, thank you!


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