Solr 6.4 is the first release to introduce the UnifiedHighlighter as a new highlighter option.  I want to get it documented reasonably well in the Solr Ref Guide.  The Highlighters section is here: Highlighting   (lets see if this formatted email expands to the URL when it lands on the list)

Unless anyone objects, I'd like to rename the "Standard Highlighter" as "Original Highlighter" in the ref guide.  The original Highlighter has no actual name qualifications as it was indeed Lucene's original Highlighter.  "Standard Highlighter" as a name purely exists as-such within the Solr Reference Guide only.  In our code it's used by "DefaultSolrHighlighter" which is really a combo of the original Highlighter and FastVectorHighlighter.   DSH ought to be refactored perhaps... but I digress.  

For those that haven't read CHANGES.txt yet, there is a new "hl.method" parameter which can be used to pick your highlighter.  Here I purposely chose a possible value of "original" to choose the original Highlighter (not "standard").

I haven't started documenting yet but I plan to refactor the highlighter docs a bit.  The intro page will better discuss the highlighter options and also how to configure both term vectors and offsets in postings.  Then the highlighter implementation specific pages will document the parameters and any configuration specific to them.  I'm a bit skeptical we need a page dedicated to the PostingsHighlighter as the UnifiedHighlighter is a derivative of it, supporting all it's options and more.  In that sense, maybe people are fine with it only being in the ref guide as a paragraph or two on the UH page describing how to activate it.  I suppose it's effectively deprecated.

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