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From Otis Gospodnetić <>
Subject SolrCloud "master mode" planned?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2017 21:09:56 GMT

This thread about Solr master-slave vs. SolrCloud deployment poll seems to
point out people find SolrCloud (the ZK part of it) deployment complex:

It could be just how information is presented...
... or how ZK is exposed as something external, which it is...

Are there plans to "hide ZK"?  Or maybe have the notion of master-only (not
as in master-slave, but as in running ZK only, not hosting data) mode for
SolrCloud nodes (a la ES)?

I peeked at JIRA, but couldn't find anything about that, although I seem to
recall some mention of embedding ZK to make things easier for SolrCloud
users.  I think I saw that at some Lucene Revolution talk?

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