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From Dorian Hoxha <>
Subject Make solr routing great again (child indexes)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 22:47:40 GMT
Hey friends,

So my reasoning is::::

   1. Use the same `val1!val2` routing
   2. Push all `val1!` to same shard
   3. When doing split shard, if most values are for `val1!`, (a very big
   tenant) then convert the shard to a child_index(same schema/settings as
   parent), and add an alias (so hash(`val1!)` points to this new child index)
   and actually split this new index but route internally only by `val1!
   4. So when you query by _route_=val1, you get pointed to this child
   index that can have many shards.
   5. While this will limit at first the write-speed to 1 shard, if we know
   the tenant_id in advance, we can do a covert of the shard to a child-index
   and pre-split it to several shards and balance them.

This way you can have very big tenants and splitting the child indexes as
much as you want.

Makes sense as an idea ?


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