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From Toke Eskildsen <>
Subject Re: Baby steps as new committer
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:57:29 GMT
Dawid Weiss <> wrote:
> Erick's explanation is perfect I think. I would only add that an issue/patch
> combination will typically bring more eyes to the code. If you seek
> feedback and want to ensure the changes are not breaking things it is
> the way to go.

Thank you, and thank you Erick. I am a bit surprised that uploading a patch is the preferred
way, at least by you two. But I guess most committers have scripts in place to ease download/diff/apply?

I really like the GitHub pull-request-mechanism, but as I am the one asking for review of
my code (in this case at least), I will of course use the method with the highest chance of
getting a review.

> If you are not sure about git, feel free to ask.

Thank you. I am reasonably used to git and there's a git wizard sitting 5 meters from me,
so the things I am unsure of is mostly how it is applied specifically for Lucene/Solr.

I'll try creating a patch from git tomorrow for SOLR-11240 and take it from there.

Related to that I am unsure about Affect/Fix versions in JIRA. The SOLR-11240 issue is present
in Solr 5+, so I just picked the latest released minor version for 5 & 6 + master. Was
that correct?

Thank you,
Toke Eskildsen

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