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From Edward Ribeiro <>
Subject Collection creation via CLI sets maxShardsPerNode as -1
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2018 19:35:28 GMT
When using the CLI to create a collection on a single cloud node with the
following command:

$ bin/solr create -c test -shards 1 -replicationFactor 1

It creates the collection with maxShardsPerNode as -1 as seen here:

As we can see, it even allows the setting of maxShardsPerNode as a
parameter, but according to 7.4 documentation the default value would be 1
instead of -1 (see ). If I
create the collection directly via HTTP request

curl -X POST '

It creates the collection with the default maxShardsPerNode of 1.

It seems that the fix is trivial (either code or docs), but I would like to
know if this is really a bug or not, that is, should I provide a fix or
leave it as-is?

PS: As a bit of context, I was bited by this when demo-ing Solr
backup/restore capabilities and it refused to recover a collection with
maxShardsPerNode == -1.

Best regards,

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