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From Michael Gibney <>
Subject Facet count cache (Solr)
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2019 13:57:06 GMT
I'm interested in caching facet counts, keyed to query/DocSet domain (like
filterCache, but caching facet counts instead of DocSets).

Trying not to open a duplicate issue, I found SOLR-1617
<>, but I wasn't clear on
whether it's applicable, or whether it's about maintaining per-segment UIF
data structures (which could be considered a type of cache).

I'd appreciate any guidance/suggestions on how to proceed -- revive
SOLR-1617, or open a new issue; thanks!


ps- A version of the functionality I'm interested in is implemented and
folded in to SOLR-13132 <> (as
a prerequisite for performance on that issue). But I think I may have
buried the lead by including it there, since sort-by-relatedness is a
relatively specialized use case, and a facet cache is more generally
useful. The cache as implemented for SOLR-13132 is compatible across
SimpleFacets and JSON facets, and is segment-aware (so should be
NRT-friendly). It's particularly useful for high-cardinality fields and
high-cardinality DocSet domains (e.g., facets on a main landing page).

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