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From Jason Gerlowski <>
Subject Github PR Collaboration Question
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2019 14:12:40 GMT
Hey all,

I've hit a small snag reviewing a few PRs on github recently.  Wanted
to see if anyone has any suggestions for my workflow:

I’ve found myself in the position a few times where I want to add a
few small changes to a contributor’s PR…either to help them with a
piece they haven’t gotten to yet, or to show what I’m suggesting with
a particular review comment, or to clean up little things like
whitespace formatting, etc.  In the patch world, this is easy to do
without requiring review/acking by other contributors…you apply the
latest patch, make your additional changes, and re-upload to jira.
But in Github, you have to juggle branch/PR ownership.  PR’s are often
from personal forks, where others don't have write access there.  So I
can't add to the "main" PR without either (a) asking the contributor
to give me the right karma, or (b) opening my own "secondary" PR
against their "main" PR branch, and asking them to review/merge my
"secondary" PR.

Is there some simpler approach I'm missing?  I love the in-line
comments that Github supports for code-review, and it seems like more
committers are starting to use it.  I'd love to figure out how to make
it work for me.  But two developers collaborating on the same PR seems
like a pretty fundamental use case to be so heavyweight.  This must be
a problem that's solved, right?



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