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From Cassandra Targett <>
Subject Re: Moving Lucene web site to git and .asf.yaml
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:39:53 GMT
Sort of playing devil’s advocate for sake of discussion, why would we pick Pelican static
site generator over Jekyll static site generator which we already use for the Ref Guide? Why
would we stay with Markdown when we already know that Asciidoc is a much more expressive markup
language that we already use for hundreds of pages of content?

I know nothing about Pelican - your mail is the first I heard of it - so asking that really
just as a way to get more info for why you prefer it.

Assuming we move to a world where something like the Ref Guide is simply “website content”,
I could see it becoming burdensome to generate HTML files with 2 different systems in 2 different
formats, etc. Is that a valid concern or not something you’re worried about?

On Sep 19, 2019, 3:33 AM -0500, Jan Høydahl <>, wrote:
> Hi all,
> INFRA announced a few weeks back a new self-serve mechanism .asf.yaml:
> As I understand it, the old forrest CMS built from svn will eventually go away
> and this is the new shiny way to publish (and stage) project websites.
> I propose that we start to play with .asf.yaml by first adding the file to change
> our GitHub project description which now says "Mirror of Apache Lucene + Solr" :)
> Next let's migrate our web site from the svn over to a new branch in our git repo.
> We could choose to use the Pelican static site generator, and then stage/publish
> the site automatically using .asf.yaml magic. Moving from forrest to Pelican
> ( will take some effort, but they are both based on
> markdown and templating so should not be an impossible task :)
> A positive site effect of moving our site to git could be that it gets easier to
> dump our JavaDocs, RefGuide, future developer-Guides by simply committing html
> files to the site git branch.
> We should also design a new Lucene landing page but that's for another day...
> --
> Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
> Cominvent AS -
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