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From Mark Miller <>
Subject ***UNCHECKED*** SolrCloud is sick.
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2019 00:46:05 GMT
Hey All Solr Dev's,

SolrCloud is sick right now. The way low level Zookeeper is handeled, the
Overseer, is mix and mess of proper exception handling and super slow
startup and shutdown, adding new things all the time with no concern for
performance or proper ordering (which is harder to tell than you think).

Our class dependency graph doesn't even work - we just force it. Sort of.
If the whole system  doesn't block and choke it's way to a start slow
enough, lots of things fail.

This thing coughs up, you toss stuff into the storm, a good chunk of time,
what you want eventually come back without causing too much damage.

There are so many things are are off or just plain wrong and the list is
growing and growing. No one is following this or if you are, please back me
up. This thing will collapse under it's own wait.

So if you want to add yet another state format cluster state or some other
optimization on this junk heap, you can expect me to push back.

We should all be embarrassed by the state of things.

I've got some ideas for addressing them that I'll share soon, but god,
don't keep optimizing a turd in non backcompat Overseer loving ways. That
Overseer is an atrocity.

- Mark

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