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From Mark Miller <>
Subject With all the discussion about major how broken Solr is ...
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2019 22:25:47 GMT
Let me put a tiny bit of these geenie back in the bottle.

Solr and SolrCloud are being run by a billion places small and utterly huge
and providing a ridiculous amount of value to the word.

In that light, they are completely broken.

It's the same software that everywhere has been using for years with likely
a rotating cast of problems.

This is not a sudden or new event.

I wanted to pull a firealarm, so that was not part of my initial rants.

I have a high bar for software.

I have a higher bar for distributed software. As should we all.

Our software is successful in it's current state. My warning is not, oh my
god stop using this.

My warning is that is completely unsustainable, and our software is
probably creating more frowns than smiles.

It's slow, the design is not cohesively implemented or even really followed
anymore, and our dev practices don't help anything.

No one needs to change what they are doing this second. I do think if you
want to keep doing it, change is recommended soon.

- Mark

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