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From "Staley, Phil R - DCF" <>
Subject SOLR version 8 bug???
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2020 15:09:21 GMT
We recently upgraded to our Drupal 8 sites to SOLR 8.3.1.  We are now getting reports of certain
patterns of search terms resulting in an error that reads, "The website encountered an unexpected
error. Please try again later."

Below is a list of example terms that always result in this error and a similar list that
works fine.  The problem pattern seems to be a search term that contains 2 or 3 characters
followed by a space, followed by additional text.

To confirm that the problem is version 8 of SOLR, I have updated our local and UAT sites with
the latest Drupal updates that did include an update to the Search API Solr module and tested
the terms below under SOLR 7.7.2, 8.3.1, and 8.4.1.  Under version 7.7.2  everything works
fine. Under either of the version 8, the problem returns.


 Search terms that result in error

* w-2 agency directory

* agency w-2 directory

* w-2 agency

* w-2 directory

* w2 agency directory

* w2 agency

* w2 directory

 Search terms that do not result in error

* w-22 agency directory

* agency directory w-2

* agency w-2directory

* agencyw-2 directory

* w-2

* w2

* agency directory

* agency * directory

* -2 agency directory

* 2 agency directory

* w-2agency directory

* w2agency directory

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