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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: lucene / clucene
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 16:33:55 GMT
John Paige wrote:
> I have looked at Lucene4C, it looks to me that it is in a very early
> stage of devlopment. There are not any releases yet.

Well, there were several releases before the project moved into the ASF 
incubator...  But they probably don't do what you want.  The original 
approach was reimplementing the lucene libraries in C, so you wouldn't 
need the Java implementation at all.  It never got further along than 
very basic searching functionality.

I've recently changed course, so now I'm working on a C wrapper for a 
GCJ compiled version of the Java library.

> Does anyone have any idea when the first official release is going to be out?

Well, the first 'useful' version of the new GCJ backed version should be 
available in the next week or so, but it'll be pretty bare bones and I'm 
not sure if we'll do an actual release.  Basically you'll be able to 
index documents and run searches, but the interfaces won't be finalized 
yet, and a lot of the fancy stuff you can do in Java Lucene won't be 

You can check out the current progress in the gcj-backend branch in 
but be aware that it's a work in progress.  Right now you can index 
documents, but searching isn't complete yet.  I still need to write the 
code to wrap the IndexSearcher class, once that happens we'll have a 
basic level of functionality.

Also, the build system is a total hack right now.  I'm just using a 
hardcoded makefile, so if you want to test it out you'll need to be 
willing to hack the makefile to support your local system.  Next on the 
todo list after wrapping IndexSearcher is getting back to a more 
conventional autoconf driven build system.

Once we've got a useful system up and limping I'm going to concentrate 
on exposing functionality required by users.  The first user will 
probably be the mod_mbox module, since Paul Querna has been wanting to 
add text searching capabilities to it, but we're always looking for more 
users, so feel free to drop by and I'm sure 
people would be happy to help you get going with the project.


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