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From "Charles Wunderlich" <>
Subject RE: Lucene on Windows
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 20:53:57 GMT

>Again you've missed a key piece of the command-line... the actual  
Can you provide example so I can better understand? Knowing my
configuration, what would be a valid command line for indexing a folder

>You are also apparently trying to run the demo that ships  
>with Lucene using a code example from "Lucene in Action" - these two  
>are completely separate.
I really don't care about a demo, I just need to index and search files
for now. I'll have more time to learn more later. 
I downloaded Lucene from Please feel free to educate
me. I've searched several groups and found several people having similar
issues, but I couldn't find a solution.

>If you want to run the demo and have Lucene in Action, reference the  
>appendix that describes running it in great detail.  Also, be sure to  
>pay particular attention to the _exact_ command-lines provided.

I need to:
1) Index thousands of files in sub directories (p:/files/1980,
p:/files/1981,..., p:/files/2006). I expect this to take some time

2) Search indexed data via web front end that my programmer will create.


Charles W

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