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From "Monsur Hossain" <>
Subject RE: What are the pros and cons of using the C# version of Lucene as compared to the Java version in a .NET environment?
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 21:37:16 GMT
> Are there any crucial features which are missing and have not yet been
> implemented in (considering the fact that lucene 
> java is gonna
> hit 2.0 soon and is still in dev phase in 1.9)

The way I understand it Lucene 2.0 is the same as 1.9, with all the
deprecated stuff purged out.  So the functionality of 2.0 and 1.9 should be
the same.  Its true Lucene.NET lags a bit from the Java Lucene, but what can
you do, that's the way the port works.  

George Aroush has done a great job porting Lucene over; he'd know more about
any missing features.  But we haven't missed any features yet.

> Is there any advantage in term of speed ( when you look at 
> the .NET port)

We aren't running the Java version anywhere, so I can't give you any
numbers.  I can tell you we're happy with performance: we have a 12 gig (and
growing) index and searches are a few milliseconds.  But I do believe you
can optimize performance in areas other than which version of Lucene you
use.  For example, we found Lucene to be disk limited, so faster hard drives

If you can, I'd suggest starting with the C# version until you hit a hard
limit on it; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Your original message mentioned using Java Lucene with a web service.  Well,
even though we use .NET throughout our entire development platform, we still
set up our Lucene.NET server as a web service.  This gave us a lot of
flexibility.  So even if you go with Lucene.NET, you might want to consider
the web services route anyway.  If you need to swap in the Java version
later, you'll have an easier time.


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