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From "Eder" <>
Subject Searching dates at Lucene 1.4.3 webindex
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 02:38:53 GMT
Hi all,

First, thanks a lot Patrick and Grant, you were very very helpful in my last 
question! Here comes the final code. The file should have ":" as delimiters 
at the files to identify the fields, to work. e.g.:

:Title: Web searching in Lucene
:Description: This article presents the results of using a webservice 
running Lucene search
:Author: Eder Reboucas
:Content: bla bla bla... etc. e tal

try {
    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(f);
    scanner.useDelimiter("\\s*:\\s*"); // whitespace and ":"
    String campo_nome = new String();
    String campo_cont = new String();
    while (scanner.hasNext()) {
        campo_nome = (campo_nome +;
        campo_cont = (campo_cont +;
        doc.add(new Field(campo_nome,campo_cont,true,true,true));
        System.out.println("Field Name: " + campo_nome + "\nContent: " + 
        campo_nome = "";
        campo_cont = "";
}  catch (FileNotFoundException e) {

I tried to create a String field getting date, or a Date Field to search in 
the lucene 1.4.3 lucene web demo, by two ways:

I) Using doc.add(Field.Keyword("modified", 

When I try to print it, it returns "0etut1c5k".

II) Using Date Data = new Date ( f.lastModified() );
String arq_data = Data.toLocaleString();
arq_data = arq_data.replaceAll("/","");
arq_data = arq_data.substring(0,8);
doc.add(new Field("Data", arq_data, true, true, true));

When I try to print it, it returns "28102006" - the date.
But when I try to search it by the query "Data: 28102006", it doesn't return 
the file.

So, I got the following questions:
I - What does the Field.KeyWord method returns?
II - Would somebody help me exaplining how to turn a date search / indexing 
reality in my job?

Great hughes


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