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From "Carrette, George" <>
Subject RE: Using Lucene in different application
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 16:53:49 GMT
I had such good luck with using the Microsoft J# compiler with Java
Lucene that I would choose that as the way to go for adding full text
search capabilities to a .NET application. 

Because there are serious users of the GNU GCJ compiler with the Java
Lucene source code it is already clear that Lucene is written in nice
"portable Java" (as compared to Java using all the bells and marginal
features of the very most recent cutting edge versions of Java from one
of the bleeding-edge vendors).

Obviously to the extent that, even after being in front of the public
for more than 10 years, Java is still treated by many as a language in
flux, you might be wary of other vendor's Java language-compatible
compilers, particularly if that vendor is Microsoft. Or because
Microsoft has announced that support for J# will end in 8 years (2015).
But who knows, by that time, given that Sun Java is now open source,
maybe there will be Sun Java support for the .NET runtime. Or perhaps in
8 years the dominant Java compiler will be GNU GCJ, because one of the
projects to do a .NET back end for GCC will have been completed. Or
maybe Microsoft will open source their J# compiler. Who
knows, 8 years is a long time. I think that in the commercial world you
need to minimize your up front costs, maximize your ROI by using the
most advanced software you can find, and worry about the long term
platform implications later. Maybe there will be a Python language
Lucene by then. Who knows, the MIT Electrical Engineering Department has
stuck with the Schema language for the last 26 years in its core
courses, pretty much ignoring several waves of languages, including
Java. But now it is testing the waters with Python. 


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From: Shaimaa Mohamed [] 
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 5:33 AM
Subject: Using Lucene in different application

Dear all,

In our organization we need to use Lucene as our main search engine in
all applications but the problem is that we have different developing
environments, we use Java and Visual Studio .Net. Currently we use the
java version of Lucene but I want to know how to use it in the
applications developed by .Net. I tried searching a lot on how to get
DLL from jar file and I reached a tool developed by Code Project team
which is called IKVM.Net
( ). One of the
functions of this tool is to convert jar file into DLL. It works fine
with the basic functions of Lucene (Indexing and searching latin text
files without morphological search) but when I tried it in the whole
project after we added the features needed to index and search other
types of files (doc, xls, pdf, ..etc) for both Latin and Arabic
languages, it didn't work.

So please if anyone passed by this experience and has a solution then
provide us by it.


Thanks & Best Regards,


Shaimaa Mohamed

Team Leader

ICT Department

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

P.O. Box 138, Chatby

Alexandria 21526, Egypt

Tel: +(203) 483 9999, Ext:1418

Fax: +(203) 482 0405


Web Site: <blocked::> 



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