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From Steven Rowe <>
Subject Re: Greenstone collections with lucene
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 14:38:24 GMT
Hi Rajat,

rajat mahajan wrote:
> I have installed Greenstone 2.72 on my computer which is configured with
> z3950 protocol, and i am able to access records through the yaz-client when
> the build type is mgpp.
> but when i changed the build type to Lucene.
> i got errors and i am not able to search the records.
> OS:windows xp
> please tell me how to search the lucene buildtype records
> do i need any extra software or configuration to search the records using
> z3950 client.

Lucene is a search engine library, not an application.  The Greenstone
software uses Lucene internally to perform indexing.  Since your
question is about another application that uses Lucene, rather than
about Lucene itself, you will almost certainly get no useful responses
on this mailing list.

May I suggest that you use one of Greenstone's mailing lists?:


On the other hand, if you have direct access to the Lucene index files
that Greenstone writes to disk, and you are willing to use a non-Z39.50
client, you can use Luke (a graphical Lucene index browser) to look at
their contents:



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