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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: lucene ranking question
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 19:40:26 GMT
Hi Akanksha,

You would probably get more responses on such a question if posted in the
user list.

To your question, I don't see why the current results won't be good enough.
I am not sure though what exactly you mean by saying "index also contains
the document in a
field"...  If the following are true:
  - a document added to your index has a field named "textfield"
  - that field was added to the document before the document was added to
the index
  - that field has Index.TOKENIZE
  - the text of that field is the same as that of the query
  - the field-name and analyzer passed to the query parser are the same as
that used at indexing
then you should get the expected results.

Lucene FAQ may help you here - in particular "Why am I getting no hits /
incorrect hits?".


Akanksha Baid <> wrote on 25/06/2007 12:19:41:

> My query is a document and my index also contains the document in a
> field. There maybe some formatting differences between the two
> representations , but largely both versions of the document should be
> fairly similar. Using the current scoring function is not giving me good
> results since I am not doing a keyword to document match.  Whatwould be
> a good way  to match a document to a document using Lucene.
> Appreciate the help.
> Thanks!
> Akanksha

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