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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Limiting a document's score?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 03:17:20 GMT

: I'm actually not using Java, I'm using the .NET port of Lucene, Lucene.Net. 
: However, there are no forums and barely any support for the .NET port of

There are no official "forums" for Lucene Java either, but if you are 
refering to mailing lists then your statement is patently false: there is 
in fact a mailing list.  As for 
support .... support for all Apache projects comes from the community, if 
no one using Lucene.Net participates in the Lucene.Net community by 
posting their questions/answers on the Lucene.Net mailing list because 
three is "barely any support", then your right -- there never will be 
as long as people have that attitude.

: I'll look into the Similarity.sloppyFreq, but at first glance I'm not sure
: this is what I'm looking for.

it's used for both FuzzyQueries and phrase queries ... you may need to 
subclass FuzzyQuery and override the getSimilarity method if you only want 

: Maybe there is a better way for me to merge the two searches without getting
: 100% fuzzy matches sitting next to 100% basic search matches?  This is

there is no way to merge scores from seperate queries ... perhaps what you 
really want to do is combine your FuzzyQuery with your exact queries 
(using a BooleanQuery) and execute one search ... then your scores will 
all be relative.


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