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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Checking if a given document is indexed
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 19:31:13 GMT

: I'm using pylucene to index documents and I'm interested in checking if a
: given document from the list A (that is going to be indexed) is already
: indexed. Can I do it?

FYI: PyLucene is not an Apache project, it has it's own mailing lists 
and documentation that you may want to consult...

I personally don't know anything about PyLucene, and I have no idea what 
features it may add -- but that said, assuming it is a simple wrapper 
arround the Lucene-Java APIs, and adds no extra functionality then you'll 
need som way to indentify a document to determine if it is in the index or 
not .. essentailly: you search for each document you have by some criteria 
to see if it's there.

if your document space allows for a "uniquey key" on each document, just 
make sure it is indexed ... if not, then compute something appropraite 
(ie: and MD5 sum) and use that.


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