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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: words close together - like google
Date Sat, 17 May 2008 18:38:50 GMT

: Does the position of the matches in the text affect the scoring?
: No, the position of matches within a field does not affect ranking. 
: does that mean that lucene does not support what i imagine google is doing?

no .. that comment is in regards to basic term queries.  if you want the 
proximity of terms (to eachother) to affect the scoring this can be donw 
with a PhraseQuery or a SpanNearQuery.

: (3) the lucene querying language described here
: seems very fancy. 
: but, i don't understand why, in the most common use cases, i need it.  in
: google, i just type some words, and it figures the rest out.  for example:
:    - the more words i hit the better.  i don't need to specify AND or OR
:    - the closer they are together the better.  i don't need to specify
: distance requirements

you don't have to use the QueryParser ... it's just there for convinience.  
you're free to parse your query strings into Query objects any way you 

BTW: future questions about the java API will get more/better 
responses from the java-user list.


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