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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Local Lucene and Local Solr
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:20:02 GMT
1. sounds like the right choice to me.  On the topic of committing early, would committing
it and allowing people to svn up/co, build locally, and implement the missing pieces not get
us faster to the point of being able to release it?

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> From: Grant Ingersoll <>
> To:
> Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 11:41:10 AM
> Subject: Local Lucene and Local Solr
> The creators of Local Lucene and Local Solr 
> ( 
> ) have generously agreed to donate the code to Lucene.
> The Lucene PMC is working through the details of the software grant.  
> The one remaining road block, potentially, is that there is still some  
> LGPL code involved that needs to be replaced.   We could commit this  
> before removing it, as long as we don't release it.  So, if there are  
> volunteers willing to do the work, I'd be more inclined to move  
> forward w/ finishing out the grant and committing it.
> In the meantime, I would like to open the discussion of where this  
> should live in Lucene.
> The options are:
> 1. Split them up and make them each a part of Lucene and Solr and let  
> the committers of those projects decide where things go
> 2. Create a separate Geo search subproject under Lucene TLP with it's  
> own set of committers, etc. just like any of the other sub projects  
> (Solr, Tika, Java, etc.)  This requires the PMC to vote to create a  
> new subproject.
> 3. Other?
> So, what do people think?  Where would you like to see Local Search  
> live w.r.t. Lucene and Solr?
> -Grant

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