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From "Richard Marr" <>
Subject Re: Lucene-based Distributed Index Leveraging Hadoop
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 10:01:44 GMT

> Is there any material published about this? I would be very interested to
> see Marks slides and hear about the discussion.

I believe all the slides will be available. I'll post a link as soon
as I have one.

> Please keep in mind that katta is very young and compass or solr might be
> more interesting if you need something working now, though they might have
> different goals and focus than dlucene or katta.

I am looking to have something working relatively quickly, but my
performance needs and use cases are relatively modest (for now) so
some degree of string and sticky tape in the implementation is okay in
the short term. My main aim is to ensure that whatever I implement
scales horizontally without too much drama.

In terms of which project best fits my needs my gut feeling is that
dlucene is pretty close. It supports incremental updates, and doesn't
build in dependencies on systems like HDFS or Terracotta (I don't yet
understand all the implications of those systems so would rather keep
things simple if possible). The obvious drawback being that dlucene
doesn't seem to be an active public project.

Thanks for the reply Stefan. I'll certainly be taking a look through
the code for Katta since no doubt there's a lot to learn in there.

All the best...


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