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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: PMC Generated Content, Training and the current CFPs
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 18:04:31 GMT

: In the past: it was
: 6 per day, at 50 mins each, but I think one thing on the table here is to open
: up the format some.

If we're allowed to be more flexible with the format, then i would *love* 
to be able to split the material from my "Out of the Box" talk in two and 
expand the demo section ... in the past the "What is Solr" intro that 
explains Solr to beginers from the ground up, and goes over the basic 
concepts has taken the first 40 minutes -- but that could be compressed 
into a 30 minute intro.

I've always had to compress the "OOTB Demo" section (where i show how to 
start from scratch given random data i found on the web and build up a 
custom schema) into about 15 minutes, so it winds up being like a cooking 
show: here's hte ingredients, we pop the turkey in the oven and through 
the magic of television it's immediately cooked.  Ideally the OOTB Demo 
could be a full hour really showing all of the steps to tuning/tweaking a 
schema.   ... but that would only work if there had already been a "What 
is Solr" type intro before hand.


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