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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] merge lucene/solr development
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 19:23:43 GMT

On Mar 4, 2010, at 11:09 AM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:

> +1 again and this is also one of my main objections to the proposal as it
> stands. Let the community decide who the committers are, and let each
> community decide what version of software it depends on. I'm not convinced
> that they are the same communities for that matter, and statements made
> earlier about Solr being the biggest user of Lucene(-java) may be true from
> a Lucene ecosystem perspective, but I disagree it's true (or even provable
> for that matter) from an external perspective given Lucene(-java)'s
> widespread use predating Solr as an Apache project, and Lucene's infection
> into other communities (e.g., PHP with Zend, etc.)

So, when those projects donate themselves to Apache, we can manage them, until then what we
are proposing would have absolutely no effect on them.  They'll still get their Lucene JARs
just like they always do.  I don't hear anyone proposing to gut those projects.  The fact
is, Solr is managed by the Lucene PMC and it is our responsibility to make sure we produce
good software under the ASF model.  That doesn't mean we have to merge, but, there are a good
chunk of committers and others who feel some improvement on the current situation is necessary.
 Moreover, many people want what is in Solr, but don't ever work to keep it whole.  From a
PMC perspective, that's not fair to Solr even if it benefits Lucene and is perfectly "legal"
and vice versa, so as a PMC member I don't like that situation.  Furthermore, as a committer
on both projects, I don't like the duplication of effort and I don't like having to choose
between the two when I know that my changes would benefit both communities but am forced to
do so solely on the arbitrary fact that way back in 2006 when CNET donated Solr they said
"Let's make this a subproject" instead of saying "Let's make this a contrib/feature of Lucene".
   I often choose Solr these days solely b/c it means I can get access to it sooner from an
end use perspective and nothing else.

The fact is, the PMC is who releases software, not individual committers or even individual
subprojects.  The fact that their is a Solr and a Lucene is almost an arbitrary distinction,
at least in the early days.  Nowadays, it's obviously grown, but it still is the PMC that
releases both.

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