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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Will your project feature at ApacheCon North America 2010?
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:58:54 GMT

: > You'll also need to identify a track program organizer, who will be
: > responsible for liaising with the planners, as well as collecting the
: > session descriptions, speaker bios, and other programming information.
: > Your track organizer should email with
: > your project's intent to participate, before Sunday, March 21st.

Am i reading that correctly? ... there isn't going to be any centrallized 
CFP, just proposals put forth by the PMCs (who are responsible for 
building up a full itinerary/schedule) ?

(I'm not saying i think this is good/bad either way, i'm just trying to 
make sure we know what's expected, since last year there was some 
confusion on this ... particularly in terms of gatharing proposals from 
speakers, and how flexible the schedule could be in terms of "everything 
must be in 1 hour blocks")

: Looks like we only get one day this year.

That section was worded oddly, and may also have just been a 
misscommunication -- there may just be an expectation that PMCs commit to 
filling at least 1 full day (not partial days)

It would also be good to verify if there are going to be co-located (free) 
MeetUps this year

I'm happy to help review proposals and discuss schedule.  

As usual i'm happy to give a Solr intro/overview/demo if desired (and as 
usual i'd love having more then 50 minutes to do it in)


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