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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: AC 2010 Draft Blurb
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:33:52 GMT

: Riffing off of last years...  Could use a little more meat, IMO, but I don't think my brain
is on yet.

I got the sense from Norin's email that what they're really looking for at 
this time is a "vision" statement of what we intend/expect the Lucene 
track to be like.  This feels like a good marketing blub to entice/impress 
perspective attendees, whereas i think what would be ideal for now is a 
blurb intended to entice/impress the confrence organizers.

Perhaps we should focus more on the type of info in your second paragraph 
-- stressing the type of track we hope to have, and the expected audience 
(and audience sizes) ?

Off the cuff here...

Based on size of hte LUcene community, and the success of the Lucene track 
at previous confrences, we believes there is sufficient intrest in a 
two-day track of sessions focusing on the broader Lucene Ecosystem 
(Solr, Nutch, Tika, Mahout, Lucene-Java, and Lucene ports to other 
langauges) ...

 * Day #1: Focusing on introductory material for beginer and 
   novice users of Lucene products.  These types of talks have 
   routinely been "standing room only" at previous confrences.
   (In rooms with 100+ chairs)
   - High level introduction to the Lucene Ecosystem
   - Deep dives and demonstrations of the features of various 
     Lucene (and related) products: Lucene-Java, Solr, Nutch, Tika, 
     (and Mahout?)

 * Day #2: Focusing on more detailed topics, that will appeal to more 
   experienced Users.  While these types of talks generally attract 
   smaller more niche audiences then the introductory talks, they 
   generally still well attented.
   - In depth case studies of using one or more Lucene products
   - Discussions of advanced techniques for utilizing Lucene 
     products to solve novel problems
   - emonstrations of lesser known features


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